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Upward Lighting is a leading manufacturer and supplier of outdoor LED step lights based in China. Within our product selection, you’ll find a variety of outdoor LED step lights, encompassing both line voltage and 12V/24V low voltage options. Rest assured, all our step lights come with a comprehensive 5-year warranty.

Whether you prefer our contemporary designs or have specific preferences, we welcome customization. Your suggestions and ideas are valued, and we are fully equipped to accommodate bespoke orders to meet your unique requirements.

outdoor led step lights

Hot Selling Outdoor LED Step Lights

Outdoor LED step lights can imbue your external space with a distinctive ambiance. Beyond aesthetics, they enhance safety by illuminating paths or steps, ensuring visibility and ease of movement in the designated area.

step lights outdoor

Step Lights Outdoor

low voltage led step lights

Low Voltage LED Step Lights

12 volt led step lights

12 Volt LED Step Lights

outdoor step lights low voltage

Outdoor Step Lights Low Voltage

Outdoor Step Lights Solar

Motion Sensor Stair Lights

You can be confident in the quality of our products, as we exemplify our dedication to excellence by utilizing premium IP65 waterproof materials sourced with meticulous care from trusted suppliers. Through strategic partnerships, we deliver outdoor light fixtures that boast durability, energy efficiency, and unwavering reliability.

Our LED step lights, characterized by a simple yet modern design, offer versatility with various shapes and sizes. This diversity empowers you to select options tailored to the specific dimensions of the space you wish to illuminate.

Whatever your lighting requirements, we have the perfect design solution for you. If our existing designs don’t match your needs, we invite you to collaborate to create a bespoke solution. Custom orders are welcomed as we strive to cater to your unique preferences and specifications.

Outdoor LED Step Lights with Competitive Wholesale Price

Discover high-quality Outdoor LED Step Lights at competitive wholesale prices. Our meticulously designed lights offer energy efficiency, durability, and versatile design options.

Benefit from our expertise, customization options, and successful partnerships to elevate outdoor spaces. Choose reliability, aesthetics, and affordability for your lighting projects.

step lights outdoor
outdoor step lights for concrete

Custom LED Step Lights to Your Specifications

If you cannot find the exact LED step lights suitable for your outdoor project, do not worry. Please share with us the specifications or design preferences you have in mind, as we gladly welcome custom-made orders to tailor our products to your specific requirements.

Outdoor LED Step Lights Applications

The design of our outdoor LED step lights is adaptable to various applications, providing you with the freedom to decide their placement based on the vision you have for the design of your outdoor space.

  • Pathway
  • Deck Steps
  • Porch Steps
  • Landscape Steps
  • Concrete Stairways

Why Choose Outdoor Step Lights From Upward Lighting?

At Upward Lighting, we are deeply committed to delivering top-quality outdoor LED step lights. Our extensive collaborations with architects, landscape artists, and facade experts have equipped us with invaluable expertise and experience to assist you in fulfilling your distinct lighting needs.

5 Year Warranty

We offer a warranty on all our lights to ensure your satisfaction and provide the best value for your investment.

OEM/ODM Service

We offer OEM/ODM services, providing customized solutions to your needs and ensuring you receive the perfect lighting solution for your project.

Customer Service

Our customer service is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. Contact us today for exceptional customer service.

Fast Delivery

We value your time and offer prompt delivery of your outdoor led step lights upon purchase. Get your lighting fixtures delivered in time!

NO MOQ Request

We are committed to delivering exactly what you need, no matter the requirements. With low minimum order quantities, please get in touch with us today to get started.

Factory Price

We offer factory prices to ensure you get the best value for your investment. Our commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality has made us a top provider of lighting solutions.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

We take pride in serving hundreds of satisfied customers, and we’re pleased to share some of their reviews.

“The versatility in design offered by Upward Lighting’s outdoor LED step lights allowed me to enhance the architectural elements of my projects. Their team’s responsiveness and willingness to customize specific features made the process efficient and tailored to my design vision. A reliable partner for any architectural endeavor.”

Emily G.

“I’ve worked with several lighting suppliers, but Upward Lighting stands out for its commitment to quality and affordability. The outdoor LED step lights I sourced from them met project specifications and came at a competitive wholesale price. The durability and functionality of their products make them my go-to choice for all future projects.”

David M.

“As a landscape architect, finding reliable outdoor lighting solutions is crucial. Upward Lighting’s LED step lights met and exceeded my professional standards. The customization options allowed me to integrate them seamlessly into various projects. The durability and energy efficiency make them a top choice for any outdoor design.”

Sarah L.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have additional questions about our led step lights outdoor, so we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

How Many Step Lights Do I Need?

The quantity of step lights required for your order is contingent upon the extent of the area you intend to illuminate. Maintaining 3 to 4 feet between each light is recommended as a general guideline.

Consideration of the desired brightness is crucial. For areas with substantial nighttime foot traffic, ensuring ample brightness is advisable. This may entail installing more step lights to achieve the desired illumination level.

How Far Apart Should Step Lights Be?

The recommended spacing between outdoor step lights is typically 3 to 4 feet apart. It is essential to mark each location to ensure even spacing accurately. If you require assistance with the installation process, our team of engineers can provide support at your project location.

How Can I Get a Quote For The Lights?

Contact our customer support around the clock to secure the optimal quote for your outdoor step lights. Alternatively, utilize the button at the bottom of this page to submit your quote request.

To ensure an accurate quotation, please provide comprehensive details regarding your project requirements, encompassing wattage, color specifications, beam angles, and other pertinent information. Should you have budgetary constraints, rest assured that we are equipped to assist you in adhering to your financial considerations.

Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

Yes, sure. We offer samples before finalizing your complete order. We will await your approval and evaluation before commencing the full-scale production.

Please allow a window of 3 to 5 business days for the completion of the sample, which will then be promptly dispatched to your location.

What is Your MOQ For The Order?

Place an order for a single unit, and we’ll take care of the rest. Please provide us with all the necessary details of your order, allowing us to tailor our services to meet your specific requirements seamlessly.

Can You Make The Paint According to The RAL Number?

We can create the paint based on the RAL number if you have particular color preferences for coating your lighting fixtures. Explore our color chart at the following link: https://upwardlighting.com/paint-color-chart/

What is The Turnaround Time On My Order?

The standard processing time for a regular order of outdoor LED step lights is 7 to 10 business days. However, please note that custom and bulk orders may have varying turnaround times.

What Is Your Warranty For Your LED Step Lights?

A comprehensive 5-year warranty backs every lighting product in our catalog; your LED step lights are no exception. Rest assured, each light fixture undergoes rigorous 100% testing before delivery to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Request A Outdoor LED Step Lights Quote

Are you prepared to place an order for your outdoor LED step lights? Initiate your quote request today. Our dedicated customer service operates around the clock to assist you. Click the button form below with the necessary details, and we will promptly respond with a comprehensive quote.

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