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Upward Lighting is a top-tier outdoor LED linear facade lighting manufacturer and wholesale provider in China, offering a wide range of LED linear facade lights in a single color, RGB, and RGBW color-changing options.

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Featured Architectural Facade Lighting

Upward Lighting offers cutting-edge and efficient lighting technology suitable for numerous applications, transforming ordinary landscapes, industrial zones, parking lots, facades, and other outdoor areas into unique environments. We provide diverse wattages, color temperatures, designs, and mounting options to fulfill your needs. Discover the ideal outdoor LED linear facade lighting solutions with Upward Lighting.

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DMX RGB RGBW Color Changing LED Linear Facade Lighting

DMX offers a color-changing luminaire that connects and synchronizes for a captivating light show experience. This lightweight, slim product features simple cabling connections and boasts water and chemical resistance. It also functions as standard white lighting, eliminating the need for separate solutions. Crafted with cutting-edge LED technology, DMX provides unparalleled color control.

outdoor linear led lighting

Outdoor Architectural Recessed Linear LED Lighting

Outdoor linear LED lighting’s sleek design creates striking lines by merging a high-impact profile with exceptional performance. Utilize patterns for a bold statement or employ linear runs to produce continuous illumination. Landscapes, walls, parking lots, garages, outdoor venues, and sports courts benefit from this vandal-resistant, commercial-grade LED lighting. The primary goal of our exterior lighting series is to accentuate the contemporary features of residential or commercial architecture.

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Programmable Dimmable DMX512 Exterior Facade Lighting

Dynamic exterior facade lighting offers a range of stunning effects, including movement, multiple colors, and changing directions, breaking free from traditional dimming or basic color schemes. This user-friendly product allows for RGBA or static color blending and programmable dimming or fading commands. Perfect for weddings, parties, fashion shows, concerts, theater productions, events, DJ lighting, and stage lighting.

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Architectural LED Linear Facade Lighting Applications

LED Linear Facade Lights enhance a building’s facade by accentuating architectural details and illuminating landscape features. These versatile, customizable, and energy-efficient lighting solutions contribute to any property’s overall visual appeal and inviting atmosphere.

  • Building perimeter lighting
  • Architectural accent lighting
  • Signage and logo illumination
  • Hospitality and retail exteriors
  • Outdoor entertainment venues
  • Bridge and infrastructure lighting

Architectural LED Linear Facade Lighting
Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Upward Lightings is a leading manufacturer and supplier of outdoor LED linear lights in China, offering a range of options, including single color, RGB, and RGBW variations. We are committed to delivering intelligent facade lighting products, solutions, and services that meet and exceed market expectations.

In order to guarantee that our customers receive the highest quality products, we adhere to the industry’s strictest product development, manufacturing, and quality control standards.

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A Short Brief, Why Choose Upward Lighting?

Pushing the boundaries of creativity and transforming lighting design dreams into reality, we have been supplying innovative lighting solutions to leading designers, architects, and specifiers for flagship buildings worldwide for more than 13 years. Our global reputation is built on our commitment to lighting innovation, superior quality, and unmatched performance.

  • Exceptional Quality Designs: Our lighting designs know no bounds – if your imagination can conjure up a concept, our experts will bring it to life. We love to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation!
  • Durability and functionality: Our customer service takes pride in delivering personalized experiences to each individual who contacts us. Whenever you call, you’ll always be with a professional who can provide expertise and accommodate your unique requests.
  • Trusted customer services: Our customer service takes pride in delivering personalized experiences to each individual who contacts us. Whenever you call, you’ll always be with a professional who can provide expertise and accommodate your unique requests.

What Questions Are Asked Frequently

For your convenience, we have assembled a list of frequently asked questions concerning our architectural facade lighting. If you have any additional inquiries or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. Our knowledgeable staff is always available to provide assistance and guidance.

What is Your MOQ For The Order?

No, we do not have a MOQ request, we accept orders with different quantities. Different quantities will be at different prices. It is flexible.

Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

Yes, this will take 3 to 7 business days to complete. For custom orders though you may need to be patient — they take a bit longer than that.

What is the estimated processing time for my order?

A standard outdoor LED linear facade lighting order typically takes 7-10 business days to finish, not including shipping time, which can range from 7 to 15 days, based on your location. Customized and large orders require a few extra days.

What is the warranty provided for your LED linear facade lighting products?

Our outdoor LED linear facade lighting products are backed by a 5-year warranty, crafted with premium LEDs and drivers, and undergo rigorous testing prior to shipment.

What types of LED facade lighting are available?

There are various types of LED facade lighting, including:

Linear LED lights are versatile and can create continuous lines of light or patterns on a building’s facade.

Floodlights: These powerful lights are designed to cast a wide beam of light, providing general illumination for large areas or highlighting specific architectural features.

Wall washers: These lights create a smooth, even distribution of light on surfaces, accentuating textures, and materials.

Spotlights: These focused lights draw attention to specific features or details on a building’s facade.

How do I choose the right LED facade lighting for my project?

To choose the right LED facade lighting, consider the following factors:

Purpose: Determine the primary purpose of the lighting, whether it’s for general illumination, accent lighting, or highlighting specific features.

Building architecture: Consider the building’s architecture and design elements to select lighting that complements and enhances the overall aesthetics.

Color temperature: Choose the appropriate temperature (warm, neutral, or excellent) based on the desired ambiance and the building’s exterior materials.

Lighting control: Consider whether you require dimming or color-changing capabilities to achieve dynamic lighting effects.

Can LED facade lighting be customized to match my building's design and requirements?

Yes. Our company offers customizable options to meet specific design requirements and preferences. This may include custom lengths, colors, shapes, and mounting options to integrate the lighting with your building’s architecture seamlessly.

How can I determine the right amount of illumination for my building's facade?

The right amount of illumination depends on various factors, such as the building’s size, architectural features, and desired ambiance. For example, a professional lighting designer can help you assess these factors and recommend the appropriate lighting design and fixtures to achieve the desired effect.

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What is Architectural Linear Facade Lighting? How to Choose?
-A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Architectural linear facade lighting is a modern approach to illuminating a building’s exterior, using sleek and streamlined fixtures to emphasize design features and enhance the overall appearance. This type of lighting is versatile and energy-efficient, making it a popular choice for various applications. In this blog, we will explore the concept of architectural linear facade lighting and guide you in selecting the best option for your project.

What is Architectural Linear Facade Lighting?

Architectural linear facade lighting uses linear light fixtures, typically LED-based, to create visually appealing and functional illumination on a building’s exterior. These fixtures are characterized by their slim, elongated design and ability to emit light evenly across a surface.

LED Linear Facade Lighting Application

Linear facade lighting is a versatile and visually appealing solution that can be used in various applications. Its adaptability and sleek design make it the perfect choice for multiple projects, from emphasizing architectural features to enhancing safety and accessibility. Some of the critical applications for linear facade lighting include:

  • Highlighting Architectural Elements: Linear facade lighting can be strategically placed to emphasize architectural features, such as columns, arches, or building outlines. This enhances the building’s aesthetic appeal and showcases its unique design elements, making it stand out from its surroundings.
  • Illuminating Pathways and Entrances: Linear lighting can provide functional and attractive illumination for pathways, entrances, and other areas requiring increased visibility. This ensures a safe and welcoming environment for visitors and occupants while also contributing to the space’s overall aesthetic.
  • Creating Dynamic Lighting effects: Using color-changing LEDs and programmable control systems, linear facade lighting can create emotional lighting effects on building exteriors. These effects can range from subtle color shifts to dramatic, animated displays that captivate viewers and create a memorable visual experience.
  • Enhancing Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces: Linear facade lighting can also be used to illuminate landscape features, such as gardens, trees, and water features. This provides functional lighting for outdoor spaces and creates a cohesive and visually appealing connection between the building’s exterior and the surrounding environment.
  • Establishing Brand Identity: Customized linear facade lighting can reflect a company‘s brand identity, incorporating specific colors, patterns, or themes that represent the organization’s values and personality. This helps to create a strong visual impact and reinforces brand recognition for those who interact with the building.

Types of Architectural Linear Facade Lighting

A. Recessed Linear Lighting: Recessed linear lighting is installed within the building’s structure, creating a seamless integration with the facade and a clean, minimalistic appearance.
B. Surface-mounted Linear Lighting: Surface-mounted linear lighting is installed directly onto the building’s exterior, making it more visible and prominent in the overall design.
C. Pendant or Suspended Linear Lighting: Pendant or suspended linear lighting hangs from the building’s structure, providing a unique visual element and an opportunity for creative lighting designs.

linear led facade lighting

Benefits of LED Linear Facade Lights

LED linear facade lights offer numerous advantages over traditional lighting solutions, making them popular for architects, designers, and property owners. Some of the key benefits of LED linear facade lights include the following:

Energy Efficiency: LED lights consume significantly less energy than traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs, resulting in lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact. This makes LED linear facade lights eco-friendly and cost-effective for illuminating building exteriors.

Long Lifespan: LED lights have a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting options, with some LEDs lasting up to 50,000 hours or more. This means less frequent replacement and reduced maintenance costs, making them a more sustainable and budget-friendly choice.

Durability: LED linear facade lights are built with robust materials to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, including temperature fluctuations, moisture, and UV exposure. This ensures that the lights remain functional and visually appealing over time, even in challenging environments.

Outstanding Performance –LEDs are known for delivering exceptional.

Comparable: One notable characteristic of LED linear lights is their directional nature. This implies that they don’t require diffusers or reflectors, typically necessary for non-LED lights. This feature allows for more precise and focused lighting, reducing energy waste and enhancing the overall efficiency of the lighting system.

Multiple Color Temperatures: LED linear facade lights are usually available in various color temperatures. Even if you want to choose between a warm, neutral, or cold white, this can be important when looking for a light that matches your space.

Versatility: LED linear facade lights are available in various colors, sizes, and styles, making it easy to find the perfect solution for any application. They can also be customized to create unique lighting effects, patterns, and displays that enhance the visual appeal of a building’s exterior.

Linear facade lights offer exceptional versatility, allowing you to create various patterns or shapes by combining them. For instance, if you desire broader illumination, you can position two lights side by side. Alternatively, you can connect two lights end-to-end to form a single elongated light. This adaptability enables you to achieve the desired lighting effect and coverage for any project or space.

Improved Safety and Security: The bright and consistent illumination provided by LED linear facade lights can help to improve safety and security around a building by deterring potential intruders, increasing visibility for visitors, and reducing the risk of accidents.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: LED linear facade lights typically feature a streamlined design and simple installation process, making incorporating them into new or existing projects accessible. Additionally, their long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements ensure they remain an attractive and hassle-free lighting solution for years.

Better Light Quality: LED lights produce a higher light rate than traditional lighting options, with improved color rendering and reduced glare. This ensures that building exteriors are illuminated in a visually appealing and flattering manner. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing Architectural Linear Facade Lighting

When selecting architectural linear facade lighting for your project, it’s crucial to consider various factors to ensure the best outcome. These factors include the purpose of the lighting (such as accent or functional lighting), the design and aesthetics that complement the building’s architecture, the beam angle that determines the spread of the light, the installation method (recessed, surface-mounted, or hanging), the weather resistance (particularly for outdoor applications), the dimensions that impact how well the lights fit into the chosen space, and the energy efficiency, which can reduce long-term costs and contribute to sustainability efforts.

1. Purpose and function
Consider the primary goals of your linear facade lighting, such as enhancing architectural features, providing functional illumination, or creating visual interest.

2. Building materials and style
Select linear lighting fixtures that complement your building’s materials and architectural style, ensuring visual harmony and cohesion.

3. Energy efficiency and maintenance
Choose LED-based linear lighting solutions for their energy efficiency, long lifespan, and low maintenance requirements.

4. Fixture quality and durability
Opt for high-quality, weather-resistant fixtures that can withstand the elements and maintain their appearance over time.

5. Control options and customization
Select lighting systems with user-friendly controls and customizable options, allowing for greater flexibility and creative possibilities in your lighting design.

6. Dimensions
It’s essential to consider the dimensions of your selected facade linear light, which will help determine its suitability for your intended area. The measurements can also provide insight into the light’s coverage and spread, ensuring optimal illumination for your space.

7. Light Angle
It is crucial to consider the beam angle that best fits your requirements, as it influences the light’s spread. A broader beam will cover a more extensive area. Top-quality linear lights allow you to adjust the beam or customize the width during purchase, ensuring maximum flexibility for your lighting needs.

8. Weather Resistance
As you’ll be using your LED linear lights outdoors, it’s essential to ensure they can withstand different weather conditions they may encounter. Ideally, look for a product with an IP65 rating or higher, or find an alternative explanation that indicates the light’s water resistance and durability in various environmental conditions.

9. Installation Method
Before choosing linear facade lights, it’s essential to think about your desired installation method. Your decision may be influenced by whether you prefer recessed, surface-mounted, or hanging lights. Some lighting options are versatile, working well in all three configurations, while others might be specifically tailored for one particular type of installation.

How to Install Linear Facade Lighting

Installing linear facade lighting involves several steps, and the process may vary depending on your chosen installation method. Here is a general guide for installing linear facade lighting:

  1. Plan the layout: Before starting the installation, carefully plan the layout of your linear facade lights. Next, determine the locations where you want to install the lights, ensuring they effectively highlight the architectural elements and provide the desired lighting effect.
  2. Choose the installation method: Based on your preference and lighting requirements, decide whether you want to install the lights using a recessed, surface-mounted, or hanging form.
  3. Gather necessary tools and materials: Ensure you have all the required tools and materials, such as a drill, screws, anchors, mounting brackets, and a ladder (if necessary).
  4. Turn off the power: Before starting the installation, ensure that you turn off the power to the area where you’ll work to avoid any electrical hazards.

Recessed installation:
A. Measure and mark the locations for the recessed fixtures on the facade.
B. Use a drill and hole saw to create the openings for each fixture.
C. Insert the fixtures into the holes, securing them with clips or screws as needed.

Surface-mounted installation:
A. Attach the mounting brackets to the back of the linear lighting fixtures using the provided screws.
B. Hold the fixture against the facade and mark the locations for the mounting holes.
C. Drill holes and insert appropriate anchors for the facade material.
D. Align the fixture with the holes, and secure it using screws.

Hanging installation:
A. Install hooks or brackets at the desired locations on the facade.
B. Attach suspension cables or chains to the linear lighting fixtures.
C. Hang the fixtures from the hooks or brackets, adjusting the cable or chain length to achieve the desired height.

     5. Electrical connections: After securing the fixtures, proceed with the electrical connections as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. This may require connecting each light individually to a junction box or linking them in a series using daisy-chain wiring.

      6. Power up and test: Turn the power back on and test the lighting system to ensure proper function and desired lighting effects.

Tips for Implementing Architectural Linear Facade Lighting

A. Creating a balanced lighting design Ensure your linear facade lighting design is balanced, combining various fixture types and installation methods for a visually appealing and functional result.

B. Integrating with existing architecture Work with architects or designers to integrate linear facade lighting seamlessly into the building’s design, considering factors such as fixture placement, color temperature, and beam angle.

C. Collaborating with professionals Consult with experienced lighting designers or engineers to ensure your linear facade lighting project is expertly designed, installed, and maintained.

D. Regular maintenance and updates Schedule routine maintenance checks and updates to keep your linear facade lighting system performing optimally and looking its best.

Why Choose LED Linear Facade Lights from Upward Lighting

Upward Lighting boasts a team of skilled engineers dedicated to crafting top-quality lighting products. The company has earned its offerings’ UL/ETL, CE, and RoHS certifications. For other sure quality, Upward Lighting subjects all its lights to a stringent 10-step testing process.

Alongside its commitment to quality, Upward Lighting strongly emphasizes innovation, resulting in 15 patents to date. This ensures that the company’s lights consistently utilize cutting-edge technology to achieve optimal performance.


Architectural linear facade lighting is an increasingly popular choice for exterior illumination, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic while providing functional and versatile lighting options. By understanding the different types of linear facade lighting and considering factors such as purpose, style, and fixture quality, you can create a stunning and practical lighting display for your building.

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