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Commercial Led Track Lighting

Upward Lighting is a professional manufacturer and wholesale supplier of commercial LED track lighting in China.

We offer a wide selection of high-quality LED track lighting and track light fixtures specifically designed for art galleries, shopping malls, and retail store lighting applications. Our products are designed to provide optimal illumination while enhancing the displayed items’ visual appeal. In addition, we offer various track lighting styles, including flexible and fixed-position options, to ensure that our lighting solutions meet each customer’s specific needs.

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  • Customizable
  • 5 Year Warranty
commercial led track lighting

Dimmable Led Track Lighting

Our collection of dimmable LED track lighting provides an ideal lighting solution for any space that requires versatility and control. Designed to work with compatible dimmer switches or home automation systems, our dimmable LED track lighting fixtures allow you to adjust the brightness of the lights to create the perfect ambiance. Our range of styles and finishes cater to any aesthetic, from modern and sleek to more classic and traditional designs. Our dimmable LED track lighting products are solutions for any space requiring versatility and control.

Cob Track Light

black track lights

Black Track Lights

Dimmable Track Lights

led track lights

Led Track Lights

commercial track lights

Commercial Track Lights

Square Track Lights

Most of our track lights are adjustable and dimmable, providing a versatile lighting solution that can be used for function lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting according to your specific needs.

Upward Lighting provides a variety of color temperatures for your projects, from 2200K to 8000K, even multi-color RGB, etc., and customized for you.

We offer flexible purchasing with no minimum order quantity, allowing you to buy according to the specific needs of your project. This eliminates the need for extra inventory and ensures you only purchase what you require, saving cost.

Led Track Lighting

Competitive Wholesale Prices

Get the best wholesale lighting prices and a professional touch with Upward Lighting. Whether you’re running a lighting retailer or require bulk purchases for your projects, we’ve got you covered. We even offer custom packaging featuring your brand and logo.

With Upward Lighting, you can sell with confidence. Our products come with a 5-year warranty, ensuring worry-free sales for your business.

led track lights

Led Track Lights

Customize Your Project

We are more flexible when operating orders and can customize products according to the requirements of different customers. For example, we can accurately meet your unique needs. By sourcing your downlights directly from us, our factory production department will tailor the ideal lighting solution to your specifications.

Additionally, we offer a range of contemporary and creative designs for our recessed LED downlights. Whatever your preference, we can accommodate it. Don’t hesitate to chat with our lighting experts today.

Why Choose Upward Lighting?

Upward Lighting is committed to providing you with the latest and greatest lighting products. We oversee every aspect of production, from design to distribution, ensuring that each product we offer is of the highest quality. Trust in our expertise and knowledge about each product we manufacture, and feel confident in offering them to our customers.

5 Year Warranty

We offer a warranty on all our lights to ensure your satisfaction and provide the best value for your investment.

OEM/ODM Service

We offer OEM/ODM services, providing customized solutions to your needs and ensuring you receive the perfect lighting solution for your project.

Customer Service

Our customer service is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. Contact us today for exceptional customer service.

Fast Delivery

We value your time and offer prompt delivery of your recessed LED downlights upon purchase. Get your lighting fixtures delivered in time!

NO MOQ Request

We are committed to delivering exactly what you need, no matter the requirements. With low minimum order quantities, please get in touch with us today to get started.

Factory Price

We offer factory prices to ensure you get the best value for your investment. Our commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality has made us a top provider of lighting solutions.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

We take pride in serving hundreds of satisfied customers, and we’re pleased to share some of their reviews.

“I recently renovated my office and was looking for a lighting solution that would provide bright and efficient lighting while also being stylish and modern. The LED track lights from Upward Lighting were the perfect solution. The bright and even lighting has transformed my office, and the sleek design has received compliments from my clients.”

Agharza Jahangirov

“As a store owner, I wanted a lighting solution to showcase my products and make my store stand out. The LED track lights from Upward Lighting were the perfect solution. The bright and even lighting highlights the beauty of my products, and the sleek design adds a modern touch to my store.”

Carlos Raurell

“I was looking for a lighting solution for my art gallery to showcase my pieces in the best light possible. The LED track lights from Upward Lighting have exceeded my expectations. The bright and even lighting brings out the beauty of my art, and the sleek design adds a modern touch to my gallery.”

Chad Morgan

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions in this FAQ section. If you have some other questions about led track lights that you want to know, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you personally.

Can Led Track Lights be Dimmed?

Yes, all our LED track lights can be made with a dimming function. There are currently three dimming methods, Triac dimming, 0-10V dimming, and DALI dimming. Different dimming ways have other control methods. So before your engineering design, please get in touch with us first, and we will recommend which method is more suitable for you according to your requirements.

What is the appropriate distance from the track light to the illuminated object?

The appropriate distance from the LED track light to the illuminated object depends on several factors, including the size and type of the object, the brightness of the morning, and the desired lighting effect.

As a general guideline, placing the LED track light approximately 3-6 feet away from the object for accent lighting is recommended. The light should be positioned closer, around 2-3 feet away, for task lighting. For wall washing, the light should be placed farther away, around 6-8 feet, to illuminate the wall surface evenly.

Experimenting with different distances and angles is crucial to finding the right lighting solution for your needs. It is also recommended to consult a lighting expert or an electrician for more accurate and professional guidance for a solution to meet your unique needs

What are the benefits of using LED track lights?

LED track lights offer numerous advantages and are a popular choice due to the following factors:

  1. Energy efficiency: LED track lights use less energy and have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting fixtures, reducing energy costs and helping conserve resources.
  2. Versatility: LED track lights are highly adjustable and can be directed to shine light where needed, making them ideal for use in various settings.
  3. Easy installation: LED track lights are easy to install, as they do not require cutting holes or wiring individual bulbs, saving time and effort.
  4. Eco-friendly: LED track lights are more sustainable and environmentally responsible than traditional lighting fixtures.
  5. Flexibility: LED track lights can be used for accent lighting, grazing, and wall washing, providing a flexible lighting solution for any space.
  6. Aesthetics: LED track lights are available in various colors and finishes, allowing them to complement the décor and style of any space.
  7. Cost-effective: Although LED track lights may have a higher upfront cost, their energy efficiency and long lifespan can help to save money in the long run.
  8. Maintenance-free: LED track lights require little to no maintenance and are easy to clean, making them a convenient and low-maintenance lighting solution.

Are LED track lights available in different colors and finishes?

Yes, LED track lights are available in various colors and finishes, including black, white, silver, and bronze. Choose a finish that complements the style of your space.

Are LED track lights compatible with all types of tracks?

Not all LED track lights are compatible with all types of tracks. When buying this kind of lamp, communicate with the company’s salesman more and explain the purchase requirements. Under normal circumstances, our company’s LED track lights can match your track according to your needs.

Can LED track lights be used to provide accent lighting?

Yes, LED track lights can provide accent lighting to highlight specific areas or functions in a room. Adjust the direction of the light to illuminate where you need it. At the same time, the angle of the lens or reflector can be changed to adjust the size of the illuminated area.

Can LED track lights be used with a smart home system?

Yes, some LED track lights can be integrated with smart home systems, allowing you to control the lights using your smartphone or other device. Our company currently has two types of TUYA Zigbee and TUYA Mesh.

What are color temperature options available for LED track lights?

LED track lights are available in various color temperatures.

Here are some standard color temperature options available for LED track lights:

2700K: This is a warm white color temperature, providing a cozy and inviting light, ideal for residential settings, such as bedrooms and living rooms.

3000K: This is a slightly warmer color temperature, still providing a warm and inviting light, ideal for use in residential and commercial spaces.

4000K: This is a neutral white color temperature, providing a bright and natural light, ideal for use in offices, schools, and hospitals.

6000K: This is a cool white color temperature, providing a bright and refreshing light, ideal for use in retail spaces, museums, and other public areas.

Can LED track lights be used in high-ceiling spaces?

Yes, LED track lights can be used in high-ceiling spaces to provide bright and efficient lighting. Adjust the direction of the light to illuminate where you need it. Please use a small-angle lens or reflector if the irradiation distance is relatively long.

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