Surface Mounted Downlights

Upward Lighting is a prominent manufacturer and supplier of surface-mounted LED downlights based in China.

Surface-mounted lights offer a convenient solution for individuals seeking to avoid the complexities of cutting holes for recessed lighting. Their installation and maintenance are hassle-free, making them an ideal choice. These lighting fixtures are appropriate for use in both indoor and outdoor settings.

In addition, we produce recessed downlights, dimmable downlights, and adjustable downlights to cater to the diverse needs of our customers.

surface mounted led downlights
round outdoor led downlights

Round Outdoor LED Downlights

Ceiling Surface Mounted Downlights

Surface Mounted Downlights

Surface Mounted Downlights

outdoor surface mounted downlights

Outdoor Surface Mounted Downlights

round surface mounted downlights

Round Surface Mounted Downlights

exterior surface mounted downlights

Exterior Surface Mounted Downlights

Square Surface Mounted Downlights

Square Surface Mounted Downlights

IP65 Surface Mounted Downlights

Slim Surface Mounted Downlights

Slim Surface Mounted Downlights

Best Selling Surface Mounted LED Downlights

Enhance the welcoming atmosphere of your home or business with these illuminating solutions. These lights offer the right balance of brightness and warmth, while their contemporary design adds a touch of modern elegance, creating an inviting ambiance.

These lighting solutions provide years of trouble-free illumination, making them suitable for various indoor and outdoor residential and commercial uses. Easily mounted to a universal junction box, they deliver reliable performance at a competitive price, saving you time on frequent light replacements.

Discover the ideal Surface Mounted LED Downlights to match your upcoming project right at your fingertips! Provide us with your specifications, and we’ll gladly assist you.

Surface Mounted Downlights with Competitive Wholesale Price

The Surface Mounted LED Downlight boasts functional designs and elegant features, making it suitable for installation in various locations. Explore the versatile range of this product at Upward Lighting, where you can find a selection of innovative and budget-friendly styles.

Experience an enduring performance by purchasing in bulk quantities at a cost-effective wholesale rate per light. Benefit from seamless order fulfillment and convenient global shipping. Don’t hesitate – place your order now before stock runs out!

wholesale surface mounted downlights
outdoor led surface mounted downlights

Custom Surface Mounted LED Downlights to Your Specifications

Our operational approach is highly adaptable, allowing us to cater to diverse order specifications and customize products to meet the distinct requirements of our customers. For instance, we have the capability to fulfill your individualized needs precisely. When you choose to source your downlights directly from us, our skilled factory production team will craft the perfect lighting solution tailored to your specifications.

Furthermore, we provide an array of modern and innovative designs for our LED downlights, ensuring we can cater to your preferences. Whatever your aesthetic inclination may be, we are well-equipped to fulfill it. Feel free to engage in a conversation with our team of lighting experts without hesitation.

Why Choose Upward Lighting?

Our commitment to providing unparalleled lighting solutions distinguishes us as the foremost supplier and manufacturer of surface-mounted downlights. Through our inventive designs and cooperative methodology, we possess the proficiency to partner with you and bring your concepts to life. You can have complete confidence in us to offer top-tier, meticulously customized lighting solutions that precisely align with your requirements.

5 Year Warranty

We offer a warranty on all our lights to ensure your satisfaction and provide the best value for your investment.

OEM/ODM Service

We offer OEM/ODM services, providing customized solutions to your needs and ensuring you receive the perfect lighting solution for your project.

Customer Service

Our customer service is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. Contact us today for exceptional customer service.

Fast Delivery

We value your time and offer prompt delivery of your surface mounted LED downlights upon purchase. Get your lighting fixtures delivered in time!

NO MOQ Request

We are committed to delivering exactly what you need, no matter the requirements. With low minimum order quantities, please get in touch with us today to get started.

Factory Price

We offer factory prices to ensure you get the best value for your investment. Our commitment to affordability without sacrificing quality has made us a top provider of lighting solutions.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

We take pride in serving hundreds of satisfied customers, and we’re pleased to share some of their reviews.

“I’m in awe of Upward Lighting’s surface-mounted downlights’ transformation into our office space. The lighting is now evenly distributed, eliminating shadows and creating a more productive environment. The fixtures’ easy installation and energy-efficient design have enhanced the workspace and lowered our energy bills. Upward Lighting has provided a solution that perfectly aligns with our office’s needs.”

Jason R.

“After searching for the right lighting solution for our living room, we found Upward Lighting’s surface-mounted downlights. These fixtures have completely elevated the ambiance of our home. The warm and inviting glow is perfect for family gatherings, and the sleek design adds a modern touch to the room. We’re impressed with the ease of installation and the fact that they’re dimmable, allowing us to create the perfect mood for any occasion. “

Sarah and David L.

“Choosing the proper lighting for our art gallery was essential to showcase our pieces. A colleague recommended Upward Lighting’s surface-mounted downlights, and they exceeded our expectations. The fixtures provided precise and adjustable lighting that beautifully highlighted our artwork’s details. The sleek design seamlessly integrated with our gallery’s aesthetics and the durability of these downlights ensures our investment in quality lighting.”

Laura M., Gallery Curator

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several common inquiries about surface-mounted downlights. Should you have additional queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What are surface mounted downlights?

Surface-mounted downlights are lighting fixtures affixed directly onto the surface of the ceiling, eliminating the need for ceiling holes. On the other hand, flush-mount downlights are designed to sit flat against the ceiling, creating a seamless and streamlined appearance.

What is the difference between surface mounted and recessed?

Recessed and surface-mounted lighting products share several standard features, yet they differ significantly in one aspect: recessed lights are contained within a cavity, whereas surface-mounted units don’t necessitate any form of framing.

Is recessed the same as surface mount?

No, these terms distinguish between two distinct categories of Surface Mounted Downlights. Flush mount indicates level with the ceiling, while surface mount implies a fixture that slightly protrudes from surfaces like wood panels.

Is easy to install surface mounted downlight?

Installing these lights is a breeze, as they can be mounted onto various junction boxes, including pancake boxes. Alternatively, they can be installed by mounting them within recessed housing, a process as simple as counting to three!

Surface mounted downlight can be dimmable?

Absolutely, we have the capability to offer dimmable surface-mounted downlights tailored to your specific preferences. Please provide us with the detailed specifications you’re looking for, and we’ll promptly respond with the information you need!

Surface-mounted downlights can be used for outdoor?

Certainly, we can provide you with outdoor LED downlights with an IP65 waterproof rating. These lights are particularly suitable for use in wet environments or outdoor settings, ensuring their durability and functionality.

Surface-mounted downlights can with low voltage?

Yes, we have both line voltage and low voltage LED downlights available. Feel free to provide us with your specific requirements; we’ll be more than happy to provide you with comprehensive information. Additionally, you can access our catalog to explore the options in detail.

Bathrooms can install surface mounted downlights?

Yes, both surface-mounted and recessed downlights are suitable for bathroom use. However, it’s essential to consider the wet environment of the bathroom. Therefore, it’s recommended to opt for waterproof IP65 rated downlights to ensure safety and longevity in such conditions.

Surface mounted downlights have adjustable version?

Absolutely, we offer adjustable surface-mounted downlights to cater to your needs. Feel free to contact us with your inquiry, and we’ll happily provide you with an instant quote.

Do you have COB surface-mounted downlights?

Yes, many of our downlights are equipped with COB technology. COB downlights are known for their enhanced brightness, energy efficiency, and superior beam quality. You can find more detailed information about COB downlights in the provided link.

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