Outdoor Commercial LED Post Top Street Lights

Upward Lighting, a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of exterior commercial LED post-top street lights, produces top-quality modern post-top lighting in various sizes and designs to suit your requirements. In addition to offering a diverse selection of standard products, Upward Lighting can also create custom LED post lights tailored to your unique lighting needs.

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Popular Contemporary LED Post Top Lighting

LED post lights come in various styles to complement your project’s aesthetics. These lights boast a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent lights and consume significantly less energy.

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30W Outdoor Commercial LED Post Lights

Upward Lighting’s 30W outdoor commercial LED post lights showcase a modern design featuring a rectangular glass shield encompassing the bulb. This contemporary appearance allows the light to disperse effectively from the base, making these lights perfect for parking lots, gardens, dining spaces, and other areas requiring illumination. We offer customization options to cater to your specific needs. Get in touch with us today to explore more about our services.

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15W Landscape Driveway LED Post Lights

Upward Lighting’s 15W landscape driveway LED post lights boast a simple design that emits a gentle glow, illuminating the path without dazzling drivers. These driveway lights are suitable for parking lots or any other paved areas on your property. A five-year warranty backs all our lights. Contact us to learn how we can assist you with your lighting and manufacturing requirements.

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10W Residential Low Voltage LED Post Lights

Upward Lighting’s 10W low-voltage residential LED post lights are ideal for those seeking a less intense lighting option. These lights emit a soft brightness and exhibit a classic suburban exterior appearance. They are perfect for entryways, signage, and other areas around your property. We accommodate orders of any size, so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance today!

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Contact us at Upward Lighting to discover our wide range of lighting solutions for your outdoor place. Our offerings, including underwater and fountain lights, linear lighting, and landscape lights, cater to the needs of your commercial outdoor projects.

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LED Post Lights Applications

Our outdoor lighting solutions are suitable for various business settings, and any area of your place can be an ideal location for installing these lights.

  • Hospitality Venues
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Government Facilities
  • Educational Campuses
  • Commercial Properties
  • Residential Communities
  • Public Parks and Gardens
  • Streetscapes and Urban Areas
  • Historic Landmarks and Cultural Sites

Outdoor Commercial LED Post Lights
Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Our Upward Lighting team is dedicated to designing and manufacturing customized LED post lights to your needs. Additionally, we ensure that all our lights meet IP65 waterproof standards, providing reliable performance in various weather conditions.

Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that our LED post lights meet your aesthetic requirements and provide long-lasting durability and performance. Contact us for all your LED post-light needs, and let our team help you create the perfect solution for your project.

Why Choose LED Post Lights fromUpward Lighting?

Since 2009, Upward Lighting has been providing innovative lighting solutions for professionals in the architecture and landscape design industries. With decades of industry knowledge, our team is well-equipped to craft cutting-edge products that stand out from the crowd. By relentlessly pursuing excellence in led lighting, we’ve become renowned as one of the most reliable manufacturers China has to offer. 

  • Exceptional Quality Designs: Our lighting designs know no bounds – if your imagination can conjure up a concept, our experts will bring it to life. We love to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation!
  • Durability and functionality: Our customer service takes pride in delivering personalized experiences to each individual who contacts us. Whenever you call, you’ll always be with a professional who can provide expertise and accommodate your unique requests.
  • Trusted customer services: Our customer service takes pride in delivering personalized experiences to each individual who contacts us. Whenever you call, you’ll always be with a professional who can provide expertise and accommodate your unique requests.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

We are proud to have served numerous satisfied customers and are delighted to share some of their testimonials.

“I ordered custom LED post lights for my restaurant’s outdoor dining area, and I couldn’t be happier with the result. They’re beautiful and energy-efficient!”

Carlos M.

“The team at Upward Lighting helped us choose the perfect LED post lights for our university campus. The lighting has transformed our walkways and increased overall safety.”

Sarah T.

“I ordered LED post lights for my shopping center’s parking area, and Upward Lighting exceeded my expectations. The lights are functional and add a modern touch to the property.”

Kevin F.

What Questions Are Asked Frequently

We have compiled the frequently asked questions about our garden post lights for you. If you still have other concerns or questions, feel free to get in touch with our customer support. Our team of experts is always ready to assist.

Are LED Post Lights Customizable in terms of Color Temperature and Brightness?

Yes. Many LED post lights come with adjustable color temperature and brightness settings.

Can LED post lights be used with solar power?

Yes, many LED post lights can be paired with solar panels for an eco-friendly, off-grid lighting solution. Solar-powered LED post lights often come with built-in solar panels or can be connected to separate solar panels, allowing them to charge during the day and illuminate your space at night without relying on the electrical grid. This not only reduces energy costs but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

Can You Offer Customized Options for LED Post Lights?

Yes. We can customize your LED light by modifying its wattage, beam angle, color temperature, and other features. Our customer support team is ready to assist you in determining the optimal lighting solution tailored to your business requirements.

Can LED post lights create a themed or customized lighting experience in outdoor places?

Absolutely! LED post lights come in various styles and designs, allowing you to create a unique and cohesive theme throughout your outdoor space. Some models even offer color-changing capabilities for a more dynamic and customized lighting experience.

Can I Get a Sample Before Place The Order?

Yes. You can request samples to determine if a specific post light suits your needs. The pieces can typically be delivered within three to seven days, allowing you to evaluate the product before deciding.

MOQ For an Order?

If you require just a single piece, we can also accommodate that. For example, we can manage small orders, whether you need to test a product or replace an item.

Have More Questions?

Need more info about our products or company? Our team is here to help – ask away and we’ll be glad to provide you with answers!

How To Purchase LED Post Lights - A Complete Buyer’s Guide

LED post lights are versatile lighting solutions for outdoor areas. They come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to choose a design that complements your surroundings while enhancing visibility, safety, and aesthetics.

What Is LED Post Light?

LED post light is an outdoor lighting fixture that uses energy-efficient LED technology to illuminate various outdoor areas. It is typically mounted on a post or pole and provides illumination for pathways, driveways, gardens, or commercial spaces. These lights come in various sizes, designs, and styles, offering a visually appealing and functional solution for enhancing safety, visibility, and aesthetics in outdoor places.

Benefits of Using LED Post Lights

Energy Efficiency: LED lights consume less electricity than traditional lighting options, such as incandescent or halogen bulbs. This translates into lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Long Lifespan: LEDs have a significantly longer lifespan than other lighting types, so you can expect your post lights to last longer and require less maintenance, ultimately saving time and money.

Superior Light Quality: LED post lights provide better control over color temperature, brightness, and beam angle, offering high-quality illumination that enhances the visual appeal of outdoor spaces.

Durability: LED post lights are built to withstand various weather conditions and have a higher resistance to impacts and vibrations, making them more durable than traditional lighting options.

Environmentally Friendly: LEDs are free of hazardous materials, such as mercury, and their reduced energy consumption contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Improved Safety: LED post lights help to enhance the safety of walkways, driveways, and other outdoor areas by providing adequate illumination during nighttime hours. As with any other type of outdoor lighting, LED post lights help keep your property secure by deterring would-be criminals. In addition, the chance of crime decreases in well-lit areas thanks to the higher risk of getting caught.

LEDs Run Cool: Compared to other types of lights, LEDs operate at cooler temperatures. As a result, you don’t have to worry as much about them potentially overheating.

Instant-on Lighting: Unlike other lighting technologies, LEDs turn on instantly without any warm-up time, providing immediate illumination when needed.

Design Versatility: LED post lights come in various sizes, styles, and designs, allowing you to find the perfect option that complements your outdoor area and matches your desired aesthetic.

Curb Appeal: Installing post lights on any project is a simple yet effective way to increase curb appeal. The lights let you highlight the beauty of your landscape all night and during the day.

Types of LED Post Lights

Several types of LED post lights are available, catering to different design preferences and functional requirements. Some common types include:

Traditional LED Post Lights: These lights feature classic designs inspired by lanterns or historical lighting fixtures, often incorporating decorative metalwork or glass elements. They blend well with traditional and historic architectural styles.

Modern LED Post Lights: Modern post lights showcase sleek, minimalist designs with clean lines, geometric shapes, and contemporary materials. These lights are perfect for modern, industrial, or minimalist outdoor spaces.

Solar-powered LED Post Lights: Solar post lights use solar panels to harness energy from the sun, converting it into electricity to power the LED light. These environmentally friendly and energy-efficient options require no wiring and minimal maintenance.

Motion-sensor LED Post Lights: Equipped with motion sensors, these post lights turn on automatically when they detect movement, providing added security and energy-saving benefits.

Bollard LED Post Lights: Bollard lights are short, sturdy posts that emit light from the top or sides, providing low-level illumination for pathways, gardens, or driveways. They come in various designs, from simple cylinders to more elaborate styles.

Decorative LED Post Lights: These post lights focus on aesthetic appeal, featuring unique, artistic designs and materials that make them stand out as focal points in outdoor spaces.

Multi-head LED Post Lights: Multi-head post lights feature two or more light fixtures on a single post, offering increased illumination and visual interest.

Full Post Lights: Full post lights are complete units that include both the light fixture and the post. These lights are ideal for those who need a one-stop solution for their outdoor lighting needs. They come in various styles, materials, and finishes to match any landscape or architectural design.

Hanging Post Lights: Hanging post lights feature a light fixture suspended from an arm or bracket attached to the post. These lights often resemble lanterns or pendant-style lights, adding a touch of elegance and charm to outdoor spaces like walkways, gardens, or patios.

Pier Mount Post Lights: Pier mount post lights are designed to be mounted on a flat surface, such as a column, pier, or wall, rather than a traditional post. These lights are versatile and can be used in various applications, such as illuminating entryways, driveways, or courtyards.

Single-head Post Lights: Single-head post lights have one light fixture mounted on a post. These lights provide focused illumination in areas such as pathways, gardens, or parking lots. Single-head post lights are available in various styles and materials to complement any outdoor place.

Smart LED Post Lights: Smart post lights can be controlled remotely via smartphone apps or integrated with home automation systems, allowing users to adjust brightness, color temperature, and other lighting settings.

Applications of LED Post Lights

LED post lights are versatile and can be found in various settings, such as residential, commercial, and public spaces. They brighten parking areas, walkways, playgrounds, and recreational areas in parks. For homes, they enhance the landscape, driveways, sidewalks, and outdoor gathering spots. Commercial properties often utilize them in various ways, including illuminating outdoor seating areas at restaurants and lighting up parking lots.

LED Post Light Specifications

A. Wattage and Energy efficiency:

Wattage refers to the power consumption of a light fixture, directly affecting its energy consumption. -Lower-wattage LED post lights consume less energy, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

LED post lights are significantly more energy-efficient than traditional lighting options, such as incandescent or halogen lights, consuming less power while providing the same brightness.

To choose the correct wattage for your specific lighting needs, consider the area’s size, desired brightness, and the number of fixtures needed to achieve adequate illumination.

B. Lumens and Brightness:

Lumens are a measurement of light output, indicating the total amount of visible light emitted by a light source. Higher lumens indicate a brighter light.
To determine the required lumens for your outdoor space, consider factors like the area’s size, the desired brightness level, and any existing ambient lighting.

Wattage and lumens are related in LED post lights, with higher wattage generally resulting in higher lumen output. However, LED technology allows for more lumens per watt, making them more energy-efficient.

C. Color Temperature:

Color temperature describes the appearance of light, measured in Kelvin (K), and determines whether the light appears warm (yellowish) or cool (bluish).

Warm color temperatures (2700K-3000K) create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while neutral color temperatures (3500K-4100K) provide a balanced and natural light. Cool color temperatures (5000K+) produce a crisp and clear illumination, suitable for tasks requiring precision or security purposes.

Select the appropriate color temperature for your LED post lights based on the desired ambiance and the functional requirements of the space.

D. Beam Angle:

The beam angle is essential for directing light output, determining the coverage area, and light intensity on a surface.

LED post lights offer various beam angle options, from narrow spotlights for focused illumination to wide floodlights for broader coverage.

When choosing the right beam angle for your specific lighting application, consider factors such as the size of the area, the required intensity, and the desired lighting effect.

How to Select LED Post Lights

Choosing the right LED post lights involves considering several factors to ensure you find the perfect fit for your needs. When selecting LED post lights, keep in mind the following crucial elements:

Purpose: Determine the primary function of the post lights, whether it’s for aesthetics, safety, or both. This will help you choose the appropriate brightness, beam angle, and style.

Controls Method: You should start by thinking about how you want to control the LED post lights. Do you want to turn them on and off manually? Do you want them set to a timer? Do you prefer a light with photocell sensors that turn on and off automatically based on light levels? Any of these options are available.

Location: Consider the area where the post lights will be installed. Consider the size of the space, existing lighting, and any potential obstructions or hazards.

Style and Design: Choose a style and design that complements your property’s architecture and landscape. LED post lights are available in various types, such as traditional, modern, or industrial, to suit your preferences.

Material: You will want to consider the materials you want for your lights. The most common options for the post include copper, wood, and aluminum. If you opt for wood, you should ensure it is painted and sealed, protecting it from the elements.

Wattage and Energy Efficiency: Look for energy-efficient LED post lights that provide the necessary brightness with minimal energy consumption. Lower-wattage lights typically consume less energy and have a longer lifespan.

Lumens and Brightness: Consider the desired brightness level for your application. Lumens measure the amount of visible light produced by a light source. Higher lumens typically correspond to more excellent brightness.

Color Temperature: Choose an LED post light with a suitable color temperature for your setting. Warmer tones (lower Kelvin ratings) create a cozy atmosphere, while cooler tones (higher Kelvin ratings) offer a more modern, crisp appearance.

Beam Angle: Consider the beam angle, which determines the light spread from the post light. Wider beam angles provide more diffused lighting, while narrower angles create focused illumination.

Weatherproofing: Because your LED post lights will be outside, you must choose weatherproof lights. They should be able to resist weather conditions, debris, and dust.

Installation and Maintenance: Choose LED post lights that are simple to set up and need little upkeep. Look for durable, weather-resistant materials to ensure longevity.

Budget: Establish a budget and compare LED post-light options within your price range. Investing in quality, energy-efficient post lights can save you money in the long run through reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Local Regulations: Check local regulations and codes related to outdoor lighting to ensure compliance. Some areas may have restrictions on the light intensity, color temperature, or installation methods.

Durability and Weather Resistance

A. IP Ratings and Weatherproofing

Understanding IP Ratings: IP (Ingress Protection) ratings are an international standard indicating the protection level a fixture offers against dust, solid objects, and water. The higher the IP rating, the better the protection. For outdoor LED post lights, a minimum rating of IP65 is recommended to ensure adequate resistance against water and dust.

Gasket Seals and Weather-resistant Coatings: To enhance weatherproofing, look for LED post lights with gasket seals and weather-resistant coatings, which help protect the internal components from moisture and debris.
Proper maintenance: Regularly clean and inspect your LED post lights to ensure their weatherproofing remains effective. Remove any debris, leaves, or dirt from the fixtures, and check for any signs of wear or damage.

B. Material Options and Finishes

Materials: LED post lights come in various materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and plastic. Each material has pros and cons concerning durability, weather resistance, and appearance. For example, aluminum is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, while brass is more robust but may require more maintenance.

Finishes: The finish on an LED post light affects its appearance and can impact its durability and weather resistance. Choose finishes specifically designed for outdoor use and resistant to fading, chipping, and corrosion.

C. Vandalism and Tamper Resistance

Robust Construction: Opt for LED post lights with sturdy, rugged structures to minimize the risk of vandalism or tampering. This may include features like reinforced housings, shatterproof glass, or polycarbonate lenses.

Secure Mounting: Ensure your post lights are securely mounted and fastened, making them more difficult to remove or damage. This may involve using tamper-resistant screws or other specialized hardware.

Protective Features: Some LED post lights have additional protective features, such as cages or shields, to deter vandals and help protect the fixtures from damage.

Strategic Placement: Consider the order of your LED post lights to minimize the risk of vandalism. Install them in well-lit areas with high visibility, and avoid placing them in hidden or hard-to-reach locations.

Selecting the Right Size and Scale

A. Height and Width Considerations

1. Evaluating the dimensions of your outdoor area:

  • Measure the area you want to illuminate to determine the appropriate size of the post lights
  • Take note of any obstructions, such as trees or structures, that may affect the placement of the lights

2. Considering the height of nearby structures and landscape elements:

  • Ensure the height of the post lights is proportional to the surrounding features, such as buildings, fences, or hedges
  • Avoid installing post lights that are too short, making them ineffective, or too tall, creating an overpowering effect

3. Ensuring the width of the post lights complements the surrounding area:

  • Select post lights with a width that balances the size of the space and provides adequate illumination
  • Keep in mind that broader post lights may require more space between fixtures to prevent overcrowding or excessive brightness

B. Spacing Between Post Lights

1. Assessing the area’s lighting needs:

  • Determine the purpose of the lighting, such as safety, ambiance, or highlighting specific features
  • Consider the intensity of illumination required for the intended purpose, which can influence the spacing between post lights

2. Balancing aesthetics and functionality:

  • Ensure that the spacing between post lights complements the overall design of the outdoor space
  • Avoid overcrowding the area with too many lights, which can result in excessive brightness and visual clutter
  • Similarly, avoid placing lights too far apart, which can lead to dark spots and reduced functionality

3. Understanding the impact of light spread on spacing decisions:

  • Consider the beam angle and light output of the chosen post lights, which can affect how far apart they should be placed
  • Wider beam angles can cover more area with light, potentially allowing for greater spacing between fixtures
  • Narrower beam angles may require closer spacing to ensure adequate illumination and coverage of the outdoor area

C. Matching the Scale to Your Outdoor Area

1. Coordinating with the size of adjacent structures and landscaping:

  • Evaluate the height and width of nearby buildings, fences, or landscape features, such as trees and shrubs
  • Choose LED post lights that are proportionate to these elements to create a cohesive and balanced appearance

2. Achieving visual harmony with the overall design:

  • Consider the style, materials, and colors of the surrounding environment when selecting post lights
  • Ensure that the chosen fixtures blend well with the existing design elements and contribute to a harmonious outdoor space

3. Avoiding oversized or undersized fixtures that may detract from the space’s appeal:

  • Be cautious of selecting post lights that are too large or small, as they can create an unbalanced look and negatively impact the space’s aesthetics
  • Opt for fixtures that are appropriately scaled to the size of the area, providing adequate illumination without overwhelming or underwhelming the place

Smart Features and Control Options

A. Remote Control and Smart Home Integration

Remote Control: Some LED post lights have remote control options, allowing you to turn the lights on and off, adjust brightness, or change colors from a distance. This adds convenience and flexibility to your lighting setup.

Smart Home Integration: LED post lights can often be integrated with intelligent home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit. This lets you control your lights using voice commands or a smartphone app, making it easy to adjust your lighting settings from anywhere.

B. Motion Sensors and Dusk-to-Dawn Functionality

Motion Sensors: Adding motion sensors to your LED post lights can increase security and energy efficiency. When motion is detected, the lights automatically turn on, illuminating the area and potentially deterring intruders. This feature also ensures that lights only turn on when needed, helping to conserve energy.

Dusk-to-dawn Functionality: LED post lights with built-in photocells can automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, providing consistent lighting without manual intervention. This feature enhances the convenience of your lighting system and helps save energy by ensuring the lights are only on when required.

C. Color-Changing and Dimming Capabilities

Color-changing: Some LED post lights offer the ability to change colors, allowing you to customize the appearance of your outdoor space. You can create different atmospheres or highlight specific features by selecting various color options.

Dimming Capabilities: LED post lights with dimming features enable you to adjust the brightness levels to suit your preferences or create a specific ambiance. This adds versatility to your lighting design and can also help conserve energy by reducing the light output when full brightness is not required.

Customizable Settings: Advanced control options may allow you to create customized lighting scenes, set schedules, or program your LED post lights to respond to specific triggers. These features provide additional personalization and flexibility in your outdoor lighting setup.

Budget and Pricing

A. Factors Affecting the Cost of LED Post Lights

Quality and Materials: The materials used in the construction of LED post lights and the overall quality of the fixtures can significantly impact their price. High-quality, durable materials typically come at a higher cost but will likely last longer and require less maintenance.

Design and Features: LED post lights with unique designs, intricate details, or additional features like color-changing capabilities, motion sensors, or smart home integration may be more expensive than basic models.

Brand Reputation: Well-known and reputable brands may charge a premium for their products due to their established reputation for quality and reliability.

B. Comparing Prices from Different Manufacturers

Research Multiple Suppliers: It’s important to compare prices from various manufacturers to find the best value for your investment. Be sure to consider factors such as quality, design, and customer reviews in addition to the price.

Request Quotes: Reach out to multiple manufacturers and request quotes for the specific LED post lights you want. This will give you a better understanding of the price range and help you identify any potential savings or discounts.

Consider Bulk Purchasing: If you require multiple LED post lights, inquire about bulk discounts or reduced pricing for larger orders. In addition, some manufacturers may offer discounts for buying in larger quantities.

C. Understanding Long-Term Savings and Return on Investment

Energy Efficiency: LED post lights are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting options, which can significantly save energy bills over time. When comparing prices, consider the long-term energy savings associated with LED lighting.

Lifespan: LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting options, reducing the need for frequent replacements and the associated costs. This should be considered when evaluating the overall cost of LED post-lights.

Low Maintenance: LED post lights typically require less maintenance than other lighting options, which can result in additional long-term savings. Factor in the reduced maintenance costs when determining the overall value of your investment in LED post lights.

How to Install LED Post Lights

Installing LED post lights involves several steps. First, before attempting a DIY installation, ensure you have the necessary skills and tools and always adhere to safety precautions. If you’re not confident in your abilities, hiring a professional electrician is best to ensure the job is done safely and correctly. Here is a general overview of the installation process:

Plan Your Layout: Determine where to place your LED post lights, considering factors like aesthetics, functionality, and spacing. Ensure you have enough cable length and suitable power sources for your chosen locations.

Gather Materials and Tools: You’ll need LED post lights, an appropriate power source (e.g., a transformer for low-voltage lights or solar panels for solar-powered lights), cables, mounting hardware, a shovel or post-hole digger, a level, a drill, wire strippers, a voltmeter, and any other necessary tools.

Turn Off the Power: Before installing, ensure the power is turned off at the main electrical panel to avoid potential hazards.

Dig the Post Holes: Based on the manufacturer’s instructions, dig holes at the chosen locations for your post lights. Make sure the holes are deep enough to provide stability for the posts.

Install the Posts: Place them into the holes and use a level to ensure they are straight. Fill the gaps with concrete or soil, compacting it as you go to keep the posts secure.

Mount the Fixtures: Attach the LED light fixtures to the top of the posts, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Ensure they are securely fastened and properly aligned.

Connect the Wiring: Run the cables from the power source to each post light for hardwired lights, following any required burial depth or conduit guidelines. For solar-powered lights, ensure the panels are correctly positioned and wired to the fixtures. Strip the ends of the cables, connect the wires using waterproof wire connectors, and secure them with electrical tape.

Test the Lights: Once everything is connected, turn the power back on and check if the LED post lights are working correctly. If you encounter any issues, turn off the power and double-check your connections.

Finish the Installation: After verifying that the lights are functioning correctly, bury the cable, secure the cable conduit, and clean up the installation area.

Warranty and Support

A. Warranty Coverage and Terms

Warranty Duration: When purchasing LED post lights, consider the warranty length provided by the manufacturer. Amore extended warranty period indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s quality and durability.

Warranty Terms: Carefully review the terms, including any limitations or exclusions. Some contracts may only cover specific parts of the LED post lights, while others may cover the entire product. Ensure you understand the extent of the coverage before making a purchase.

Manufacturer Reputation: A warranty is only as valuable as the manufacturer’s willingness and ability to honor it. Consider the manufacturer’s importance and track record of providing reliable customer support and honoring warranty claims.

B. Post-Purchase Support and Customer Service

Customer Service: Effective customer service is crucial when dealing with issues or questions after purchasing LED post lights. Research the manufacturer’s reputation for providing helpful and responsive customer support before deciding.

Troubleshooting and Technical Ssupport: If you encounter any technical difficulties or issues with your LED post lights, it’s essential to have access to knowledgeable technical support from the manufacturer. Verify whether the manufacturer offers such support and check for any additional resources they may provide, such as online guides or instructional videos.

Replacement Parts and Service: If your LED post lights require repairs or replacement parts, working with a manufacturer that can readily supply these components is beneficial. This will help ensure your post lights remain functional and well-maintained throughout their lifespan.


LED post lights are an excellent solution for brightening up almost any area, offering practicality and style. At Upward Lighting, you can discover an extensive range of designs to suit your preferences and a dedicated team ready to assist you in choosing the ideal option tailored to your requirements. With our expert guidance and diverse selection, you can confidently enhance the atmosphere and aesthetics of your space using the perfect LED post lights.

Making an informed decision when purchasing LED post lights is crucial for the success of your lighting project. By carefully considering each aspect of the selection process, you can ensure that your chosen LED post lights not only enhance the beauty of your outdoor space but also provide reliable, energy-efficient illumination for years to come. Take the time to evaluate your needs, preferences, and budget, and consult with professionals if needed. This will help you make a well-informed choice, resulting in a visually appealing and functional lighting solution for your project.

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